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The Proven Jumpstart Roadmap to Building a Six-Figure Online Fitness Business in 90 Days or Less...

... Even if You Just Got Your Certification or Don't Have a Kim. K Following on Social Media

Here's What You'll Be Learning Over the Next 90 Days

Our sisterhood of business coaches will walk you through 8 powerful modules to start getting your first high-ticket client while creating the life of freedom and fulfillment you've been waiting for!

Module 1: Mindset Magic 

  • Learn how to set your business goals to start generating $10,000 months
  • Create your "winning" habits and activities to become a badass CEO
  • Heal your relationship around money to attract an abundance of clients with ease

Module 2: Rich Niche & Jumpstart Plan

  • Determine who your niche is and the exact client that will benefit from your services right now
  • Get a fast-track plan towards closing your first $1,000 client  

Module 3: Content & Raving Fans

  • Create a daily and weekly content plan so you can grow your audience while magnetizing clients to your booking calendar
  • Discover the science behind choosing the right branding that will resonate with your dream clients 
  • Figure out how to master the IG algorithm and build massive engagement around your posts
  • Gain exposure and draw in clients like a moth to a flame with our IG Reels 101 hacks & tricks
  • Learn the in's & out's of persuasive copywriting and "double tap worthy" photo editing

Module 4: Creating Transforming Programs

  • Structure a high-ticket program worthy of $1,000 or more 
  • Learn how to onboard and off-board your clients like a pro
  • Our secret to getting clients lasting results and have them begging to keep working with you

Module 5: Ninja Sales

  • Find out how to easily generate leads to your DM's on the daily 
  • Learn where your ideal clients are hiding online and how to interact with them 
  • Never feel uneasy during a sales call again with our objection handling technique that gets a "YES" every time  
  • Our Buff & Paid Babe sales script to flowing through your calls with ease & 100% confidence

Module 6: Launch Strategy

  • Collect $10,000 in invoices with our step-by-step program launch strategy
  • Learn what to do and what NOT to do when hosting a free challenge
  • Develop the launch mindset and plan out how to get your clients the best results so they'll sing up once the free challenge is done

Module 7: Preparing For the Next Level

  • Discover the top 11 natural laws to manifest and create the life you've been envisioning with your fitness business
  • How to start feeling 100% worthy of the clients and income you desire 
  • The 3 step process to attracting more money (it's probably not what you think)
  • Learn how to unleash the boss babe within to reach $10K+ months and beyond 
  • Why the social media comparison trap is doing more harm than good (and how to overcome it)

Module 8: Set-Up and Scale Up

  • Learn how to take care of the business finances and taxes so you're always one step ahead
  • Quickly pay off business debt and understand how to properly use business credit so you can use those funds to grow your business
  • Analyze and prepare with our guided quarterly business planning 
  • The simple steps towards creating your first lead magnet and funnel
  • Learn how to grow a list of loyal subscribers who are ready to sing up for your program
  • Find, interview and hire your first employee so you can work less in the business and put 75% more focus on your clients 

Plus Powerful Resources to Ensure Your Success Every Step of the Way...

Step-by-Step Guided Teachings

You're going to be handed a detailed 6 module course covering sales, mindset, content, lead generation, and the exact steps to scaling your online fitness business. 

Personalized Business Blueprint

Once we finalize the details on our call, we'll create your personal roadmap. This roadmap outlines all the daily and weekly tasks that are needed to hit your first $10,000 month. 

Templates, Scripts & More!

When you join BPA, you're given our vault of sales scripts, email templates and all the tools needed to build your business with ease. 

Weekly Training & Accountability Calls

Each week, we will be diving into training sessions covering content strategy, lead generation tactics, sales training and MORE!! 

Six-Figure Mentor Support

From the very first call, you're assigned a personal mentor. Our mentors are here to answer questions, check-in on progress and hold you accountable to crushing your business goals. 

Real Women. Real Impact. Real Results.

“I was a brand new fitness coach and tried to start a fitness business 2 years before. I spent 9 months and $10,000 but got zero clients. As soon as I started with Buff & Paid, I was so blown away by the support. I got my first client and have so many other clients in the pipeline right now. It’s just been incredible and a dream come true."


“Before I started Buff & Paid I was at gym working 60-70 hours a week. I started doing the whole online training thing but didn’t know how to do it exactly. I was posting on Instagram but not getting any clients. I was super nervous to get started but knew this was what I needed. I left the full-time job at the gym. This has been the most life changing thing I’ve ever done.”


“Before I joined, I just graduated from NASM and charging $40 for my program. It was mostly my friends and family. They were just lacking consistency and motivation. Now I have 5 high-ticket clients. I never thought I would be charging this much and I can see the results for clients as well."


It doesn't matter if you just snagged your certification or have been training clients at the gym for years...


The Buff & Paid Accelerator is THE Program For the Woman Wanting to Walk in Their Purpose While Making $5,000 to $10,000 Every Single MONTH!


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Our students are closing $1,000+ clients, hitting their income goals and finally living the life that is MEANT for them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Buff & Paid Accelerator Program is 90 days full of step-by-step guidance from your business coaches!!

We've been in your shoes and know this is the perfect amount of time to get you EXACTLY where you want to be in your business. 


Unlimited girlfriend!!

Our weekly group coaching calls will give you all the support you need. 

These calls are in a small group setting so we can give you direct attention and form a sisterhood!!

You will also receive separate 1:1 calls, an assigned coach and a bonus on-boarding call.  


he Buff & Paid Accelerator program offers something other mentorship don't...

1) We WALK our TALK!!

Bri, Kelsey & every coach in the program has started from ZERO and has scaled their online fitness business to $10,000 months. 

Each coach has followed Bri's process and has seen success in as little as 30-60 days. 

We give you this exact roadmap to get you there in addition to 1:1 attention. 


2) We are a SISTERHOOD!!

This isn't the average "buy" and "ghost" program where the coaches do a disappearing act after you invest. 

We take the time to talk to you 1:1, see where you're struggling and have a community full of like minded success women!!

The program is limited to a small number of ladies so you never miss a beat or lesson. 


3) We have RESULTS!!

Honestly and transparency is our #1 policy around here babe. 

We have HUNDREDS of students who are closing $1,000+ clients, quitting their jobs, and hitting $5,000-$10,000 months. 


Think of this program like working out...

If YOU show up, are consistent, and follow our guidance, there is NO way you won't start making $5,000 per month online. 

The more you show up, the bette your success will be. 

 All it takes is one small step to trade in that draining personal gig for the online fitness business you've been dreaming of...

 The "perfect time" to get started is here babe.

Take our hand and let's do this together!


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